Set of 6 lavender eye pillows with washable covers. This set will include a mixture of current fabrics. Each eye pillow comes with an information card. If you have fabric requests, just fill out the fabric request form. *suggested retail price $15/pillow *production time will vary 


goodbye tension, hello peace!


Close your eyes, exhale... and feel stress melt away while this lavender eye pillow calms the mind and relieves tension.


  • melt away tension~ let the weight of the flax seed ease the pain and relax the facial muscles
  • soothe headaches and tired eyes~using an eye pillow for just 10 mins can work wonders for headaches, migraines, jaw & facial tension & eye strain
  • enjoy warm or cold~the eye pillow is designed to be applied warm or cold, depending on your preference
  • natural pain relief~ designed with your well being in mind, this eye pillow is made with 100%organic cotton fabric and filled with organic flax seed and dried herbs
  • perfect for yoga/meditation~ use your eye pillow at the end of your yoga practice for the sweetest savasana, or during meditation practice for complete relaxation


handmade in Cary, NC

Set of 6x Eye Pillows


    All natural ingredients:

    made with 100% premium organic fabric, organic flax seed and dried herbs.

    use a damp cloth to spot clean. do not launder.

    before use, give your eye pillow a little massage to release the oils in the lavender flowers to refresh the scent

    not intended for use while sleeping. do not overheat. this product contains small pieces and is not recommended for children under the age of three.



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